The Types Of Idols Lee Soo Man Chose As His Favorites, Exposed By Two Singers

It wasn’t a secret among the company’s artists.

Although SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man is no longer connected to the company, its artists have many memories with him, including which idols he chose as his favorites.

Lee Soo Man with SuperM. | @superm/Twitter

During an episode of Jaejoong‘s web series Jaefriends, he was joined by SHINHWA‘s Lee Minwoo, who was also an idol under SM Entertainment. They both confirmed it was “widely known” that Lee Soo Man had favorite idols within his company.

Minwoo revealed that Lee Soo Man had a particular preference for eyes. He said, “Lee Soo Man loves monolids.” Jaejoong even named one of the idols who was Lee Soo Man’s favorite.

Jaejoong said, “He loves Minwoo.” Minwoo confirmed it was true and shared an incident where Lee Soo Man treated him better than the other SHINHWA members.

When Lee Soo Man invited SHINHWA out for a meal, he gave the members pocket money for their hard work. They noticed that the money wasn’t divided evenly. Minwoo said, “I got more than the others, so they envied me.

Based on their experiences, Lee Soo Man wasn’t shy about which idols were his favorites.

SHINHWA’s Minwoo

Listen to Jaejoong and Minwoo share moments from their past at SM Entertainment.