SM Or JYP? Idol Group Manager Chooses Which Company Is The Best To Work For

They didn’t want to work anywhere else.

K-Pop group manager Choi Byung Jong started his career in the industry by working for JYP Entertainment, founded by Park Jin Young. During his time there, he managed the Wonder Girls and GOT7.

Wonder Girls | @WonderGirls/Twitter
GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

He then moved to another famous company: the well-known SM Entertainment, founded by Lee Soo Man. He managed the veteran group SHINee.

SHINee | @SHINee/Twitter

Choi Byung Jong even worked briefly as MOMOLAND‘s manager under MLD Entertainment. Then he returned to the company that was better to work for, revealing which one during an episode of singer Lee Seok Hoon‘s web series SSULPLY.

After managing MOMOLAND, Choi Byung Jong chose to return to SM Entertainment. He explained, “I thought the outside world would be better, but it was the best over here.

Now Choi Byung Jong is managing Red Velvet and excitedly preparing for their comeback.

Listen to Choi Byung Jong share a bit of his experiences from the different companies here.