SM And JYP Tried To Cast This Handsome Top Student Multiple Times But He Turned Them All Down

He’s got brains as well as beauty!

The cast of Problematic Men, a show dedicated to those with high IQ, visited a renowned school where only the top students in the country can enroll to study. There, they met a student name Lee Seung Hyo, and they were completely smitten by him at first look!

Lee Seung Hyo may be one of the smartest students in Korea, but he’s got the visuals fit for an idol!

He revealed that he was the head of the hip hop club at his school, where he focuses on dance. He even performed a bit of BTS‘s “I NEED U”!

The cast were blown away that Lee Seung Ho had the visuals, the height, the broad shoulders, and the dancing skills that were a perfect fit for an idol! They complimented on his “idol-smile” too!

Lee Seung Hyo confessed that he was street cast by multiple entertainment companies. Most notably, SM and JYP Entertainment tried to cast him multiple times!

When I was in middle school, I was street cast about 14 times. It was a lot.

SM Entertainment tried 4 times, and JYP once.

— Lee Seung Hyo

When asked why he denied all of their offers, he confessed, “Honestly, I kind of wanted to do it but my parents wanted me to study.

He further explained that even though he wanted to try training as an idol, he was more inspired by the seniors at his current school. He decided to pursue schoolwork rather than the entertainment industry.

During Teacher’s Day, the seniors came to our middle school to talk about our school. At the time, the seniors told us, ‘If you come to our school, you’ll find what you really want to do and you’ll be able to study what you want to study.’

It inspired me to study harder and enroll into this school.

— Lee Seung Hyo

He ultimately decided to study computer engineering, and with his brains and visuals, is surely on the path to success.