SM Entertainment’s Planned Album Releases In 2024

Fans cannot wait for this year’s releases 🔥

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for K-Pop fans, especially those following artists under SM Entertainment. The South Korean music powerhouse has announced a packed schedule of album releases and debuts that are set to keep the K-Pop world buzzing. From well-established acts like NCT and SHINee to the highly anticipated debut of a European boy group, SM Entertainment is poised to dominate the music charts.

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NCT, known for its unique concept of an unlimited number of members divided into various sub-units, is gearing up for an eventful year. NCT DREAM, one of the sub-units, is set to release two new albums, promising their youthful and energetic sound that has captivated fans worldwide. This comes after their recent successes, which have solidified their position as one of the leading acts in the K-Pop scene.

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Meanwhile, NCT 127 is also on the roster for a new album release. Known for their urban and edgier sound, the album from this sub-unit is highly anticipated among fans who are eager to see what new directions the group will explore.

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SHINee and EXO

SHINee and EXO, two of the most iconic groups under SM Entertainment, have their album releases marked as to be decided. Both groups, known for their groundbreaking music and charismatic performances, have been in the industry for over a decade, and their comebacks are always a major event in the K-Pop world.

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aespa, the newest girl group from SM, is scheduled to release two albums this year. Their unique concept of blending augmented reality and real-world performances has already made a significant impact and fans can’t wait to witness their career shape u


Red Velvet

Red Velvet — known for their versatile music and style —  also has their possible album release marked to be decided. With their 10th-year anniversary coming up, fans think the group will likely have a comeback to celebrate it.

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RIIZE, another exciting project, is slated for activities every quarter, keeping fans on their toes with regular content.

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NCT NEW TEAM is set to make its highly anticipated debut with an album in the first quarter of 2024, adding a fresh flavor to the NCT brand.

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New Girl Group

Additionally, a rookie girl group is scheduled to debut in June-July 2024. While details are sparse, the anticipation is high given SM Entertainment’s reputation for producing top-tier girl groups.

New Boy Group

Lastly, in a move that underscores SM Entertainment’s global ambitions, the company has announced the debut of a European boy group in the second half of 2024.

SM Entertainment 2024 plans released by Yuanta Securities Research Center.