SM Released Goods For NCT 127’s 3rd Anniversary, But Something Is Missing And Fans Are Pissed

They had one job.

Not too long ago, NCT 127‘s official accounts shared photos of all ten members for the release of their special photobook Hello! #Seoul.

So, NCTzens were expecting something extra special for NCT 127’s 3rd anniversary. SM Entertainment released a set of metal, reusable straws with each members’ name etched onto them.

But, the problem was that there were only nine straws. They hadn’t taken the time to create a tenth straw with Winwin‘s name, and that alone made fans upset.

But, fans were more upset because it seemed like the time Winwin had spent in the group was being erased as if it never happened.

Made all the more painful by the fact that some of the members included in the 3rd anniversary goods hadn’t been in the group since its debut like Winwin had.

It seems like no one will ever truly know why Winwin isn’t included in certain things involving NCT 127, even something as small as official goods. But, it’s clear that many fans are supporting him, whether it be as part of NCT 127 or WayV because they’re all part of NCT in the end.