SM Turned Down This Girl… Now She’s One Of China’s Most Popular Idols

SM Entertainment’s biggest mistake ever.

Xu Jiaqi auditioned for SM Entertainment‘s trainee program but was, for some mysterious reason, not accepted.

As her fans in both China and Korea will have you know, that was a huge mistake.

Xu Jiaqi moved to China and became a star member of Team SII of SNH48 and is making waves around Asia.

Her popularity shows through her inclusion in Style-7 and 7SENSES, sub-groups of the hugely popular idol group.

Xu Jiaqi has also starred in many movies. Most recently, she played the role of Vivian in the Chinese-Korean movie, Catman. She has also starred in two popular Chinese television series: Legend of Yun Xi and Super Star: The Counter Attack Star Shine.

Not only that, she’s a regular guest in a number of China’s popular variety shows like Happy Camp and participates in numerous magazines’ photo shoots.

Seeing as how beautiful and talented Xi Jiaqi is Koreans are a little worked up about SM Entertainment rejecting her so many years ago.

“Is SM stupid? Why did they not see Xi Jiaqi as the star she is.”

“SM…What did you do!!”

— Korean Netizens

Netizens also commented on how beautiful Xi Jiaqi is.

Unnie, you’re so beautiful! I’m going to learn Chinese so I can meet you.”

“It’s like she’s the perfect mix of Yeri, Yoona, and Jessica. She’s so pretty ㅠ”

“I can’t comprehend how a person can be this beautiful.”

— Korean Netizens

Korean fans are disappointed that they can’t see Xi Jiaqi in K-Pop but they are taking every chance they can to see her wherever they can.