The Smallest Hands In All Of K-Pop Belong To This Girl Group Member

This adorable idol is becoming a hot topic for her teeny tiny adorable hands!

Oh My Girl’s Yooa has been deemed the idol with the smallest hands!

She’s famous for her tiny face with adorable features…

… and now she’s become famous for her tiny hands that perfectly match her adorable image!

Fans are stunned to see just how tiny her hands are compared to a normal sized female’s hands.

Look at Jiho putting on a hat for Yooa. It looks like a mom’s hand with a child’s hand!

This milk box would look a lot smaller in the hands of a regular sized person.

As well as this regular water bottle that looks jumbo sized in Yooa’s adorable hands.

Oh My Girl’s Yooa is literally a tiny fairy in all of K-Pop!