8 Brainy Idols Who Stayed up All Night Studying to Get into Top Universities

They got in with their good grades alone.

It’s common for idols to be suspected of using connections when they get into a top university. But there are also those who studied very hard and got in with their own efforts.

Here are 8 studious idols who entered top Korean universities with their own grades:

1. Woo Won Jae

Woo Won Jae from Mnet’s Show Me The Money was in the top 1% when he was in high school. He is said to have had the best grades all throughout school, and despite not doing as well on his college entrance exam, he got into Hongik University for civil engineering.

2. Loco

Loco is said to have studied every night until 2 a.m. and even made it to 9th place in his class. But he didn’t do so well on his college entrance exam, which led him to give it another try before entering Hongik University for economics.

3. Yoo Byung Jae

TV personality Yoo Byung Jae had such good grades in school that he was once the top of his class. In 2007, he received perfect scores in the mathematics section of his college entrance exam, and he entered Sogang University for journalism and broadcasting.

4. Im Siwan

Im Siwan studied mechanical engineering at Busan University, which is known as one of the top Korean national universities. According to a specialist in entrance examinations, only the top grades can get into that department at Busan University.

5. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is said to have won the mathematics competition almost every year during his school days. He also had very high grades that allowed him to enter Kyung Hee University for post-modern music.

6. Song Joong Ki

Actor Song Joong Ki had such good grades that he applied to Yonsei University on rolling admissions. He unfortunately didn’t get in due to his college entrance exam score, but he wrote it again and entered Sungkyunkwan University for social science.

7. Yeeun

Yeeun, who originally debuted with Wonder Girls in 2017, is currently active as HA:TFELT. She got into Kyung Hee University for post-modern music with her college entrance exam score alone.

8. Ha Seok Jin

Actor Ha Seok Jin, who’s currently showing off his brains on tvN’s The Brainiacs, got into Hanyang University for mechanical engineering which only the top grades can get into. Ha Seok Jin is known to have been the top of his class in high school as well.

Source: Insight