Smashed Soda Cans Are Actually Beautiful Art Pieces Made From Porcelain

This Chinese artist created a beautiful work of art inspired by smashed beverage cans.

A designer has created art pieces that look like aluminum cans smashed up and discarded on the side of the road and have instantly gone viral. Each of these cans is sculpted and painted by hand mimicking traditional Ming Dynasty porcelain works.

Lei Xue is a Chinese sculptor, photographer, painter and video artist. One of her projects saw her create these interesting porcelain pieces. She made them for her ongoing project titled Drinking Tea

See the way Xue cleverly fuses together old and new below!

The artist has already made many pieces to add to her creative project. Source: Art & Science Journal
The detailing is simply amazing.

More of Lei Xue’s beautiful artworks can be found on her site on Artsy.

Source: boredpanda