Snapchat takes everyone behind the scenes of BTS trip to the AMA’s

Snapchat Discovery cumulated an in-depth BTS of BTS’s trip to the AMAs.

The snap followed them from the moment they took their flight to L.A.

They captured the special moment they shared with their fans once they landed in LAX.

Members introduced themselves to the fans who may not have had a chance to get to know them yet.

They also spent some time answering questions about themselves from fans!

BTS did not hide their excitement to see American celebrities.

They talked about how they liked the weather, atmosphere, food, and just the general people of LA.

It also followed them as they practiced really hard for their perfect performances at the AMAs.

BTS practiced and practiced!

While taking short breaks to recharge their fuel.

Then, off to the stage, they went!

Thanks to Snapchat, A.R.M.Y were able to fully experience the AMAs with their beloved boys!