Snickers and Butterfinger Went All Out In Their Fight Over BTS On Twitter

This just might be the Twitter war of the century!

Snickers and Butterfinger may have just started the Twitter war of the year with their tweets about BTS! And A.R.M.Ys are split choosing their sides.


The first tweet out was innocent enough. Butterfinger tweeted out to BTS congratulating them on their “FAKE LOVE” music video.


Thanks to their support of BTS, Butterfinger received a lot of love from A.R.M.Ys.


A few days after the much loved tweet, Snickers decided to get in on the action too.


While at first Snickers’ tweet may seem innocent enough, it actually contains a fair amount of shade. Since they reference BTS making the right choice, that can only mean they are referring to the many scene in “FAKE LOVE” where Snickers made a brief appearance.


And Butterfinger was having no part of it! They sent back their own scathing tweet calling out the other candy bar for being so late with their own tweet.


Thanks to the unfolding drama one eager fan was ready to watch the fight.


At which point Butterfinger showed just how confident they were in their fighting abilities!


Meanwhile, fans were having a field day with all the major drama happening between the two candy bars and couldn’t help but ask other candies if they wanted in on the action too!


While most of the tweets have been left unanswered, Twix decided to throw their hat into the mix.

Although, they simply pointed out they already have enough drama in their lives.


Since three major candies got involved, A.R.M.Ys  just couldn’t get over the hilarious spectacle unfolding before their eyes.


Some fans were even choosing sides!


Literally, everyone wants a piece of BTS!