SNL Actress Jokes She Used Method Acting When Working With NCT 127, And Here Is The Relatable Reason Why

Can anyone blame her?

NCT 127 were invited as guests for the revival of Saturday Night Live Korea in September of 2021. In a behind-the-scenes clip shown on MBC‘s The Manager, comedian and radio personality Ahn Young Mi briefly discussed her experience working with the members of NCT 127, hilariously saying that she had taken advantage of method acting for a very relatable reason: to stick (literally) to the members as much as possible.

While kicking back with a meal, Ahn Young Mi explained that the concept of the skit she had acted in with Jaehyun and Johnny was one in which Jaehyun played her son. Therefore, she took the opportunity to get as physically close to them as possible.


When the host of The Manager, Song Eun Yi, chided her for it, Ahn Young Mi shook it off, saying there was no reason why she shouldn’t hug ‘her sons.’ Can’t argue with that logic!

Song Eun Wi insisted, asking, “Do you really think you can act without taking advantage of it?” And Ahn Young Mi had the best response: “You bet.”

The behind-the-scenes of the rehearsal of the skit were shown, with Jaehyun playing Ahn Young Mi’s eldest son…and Johnny playing the girl Ahn Young Mi is setting him up with.

Jaehyun’s character is hilariously skeptical of Johnny…

…and his comment gives Ahn Young Mi the best excuse to get all up in Johnny’s space…

…which she hilariously takes full advantage of!

All in all, absolutely no one can blame Ahn Young Mi for grabbing this golden opportunity with both hands, as it were. After all, one of the highlights of NCT 127’s SNL episode was this Johnny moment…

…and this Jaehyun.

If Ahn Young Mi’s use of method acting in this particular situation isn’t relatable, then we don’t know what is. You can watch the full clip from The Manager below!