As Soon as Seohyun Posted a Cute Selfie, Her Fellow SNSD Members Swarmed the Comment Section

So much Girls’ Generation love.

SNSD‘s Seohyun recently posted a selfie of herself on her official Instagram looking as beautiful as ever.


In the shared photo, Seohyun can be seen with long and luscious hair with a soft braid in it while wearing a crop top that shows off her beautiful figure.

Seohyun’s mature visuals and her envious body line made many fans’ hearts flutter, but it wasn’t just her fans that she impacted with the gorgeous selfie.

It appears that Seohyun’s fellow SNSD members were swayed as well because they immediately left comments of admiration soon after the photo was posted.

Hyoyeon commented, “What’s going on here? Why are you so pretty?” and Taeyeon wrote, “What a doll” followed by a heart symbol.


We all know just how gorgeous Seohyun is looking these days, but it’s pleasing to see the SNSD members sharing their love for all to see.

Source: Insight

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