SNSD’s Sunny Shows off the Most Magical Gift She Received from a Fan

It has the power to transform!

SNSD‘s Sunny recently showed off the coolest pair of sunglasses she received from a fan on her official Instagram account.

The post consists of a video and photos of its magical effect along with the caption, “They were just glasses when I was indoors, but once I come outside, they’re sunglasses! This is so cool!

In the video, Sunny slowly walks outside and shows her viewers the color-changing process of her cool new sunglasses.

While highlighting its key features, Sunny explained that she received the sunglasses from a fan and thanked them while continuing to express her awe.

When her sunglasses turned even darker than before, she showed her surprise once more by exclaiming, “It’s getting darker and darker.

Watch Sunny’s adorable reaction to her magical transition glasses below:

Source: Dispatch

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