Netizens Shocked to See “Taeyeon” Uploading ASMR Videos on YouTube

Sit back and relax as “Taeyeon” gives you some at-home skincare.

A certain YouTuber has been a hot topic of conversation lately, and she’s accumulating numerous subscribers because she looks very similar to SNSD‘s Taeyeon.

This YouTuber’s name is Hye Rang, and she recently uploaded an ASMR video about moist home skincare where she whispers to the viewer and helps them feel relaxed.

She appears to mainly upload ASMR videos, and seeing from the comments in most of her videos, many netizens were drawn into the videos by the thumbnails that really make her resemble Taeyeon.

The real Taeyeon has a YouTube channel of her own to which she frequently uploads updates for her fans, so quite a few fans are clicking into this other YouTuber’s videos thinking Taeyeon has started to upload ASMR videos.

If you feel like spending some quality time with “Taeyeon” through some ASMR videos, check out the links below:

Source: Dispatch