Taeyeon’s Live Broadcast Was Crashed by an Unexpected YG Artist

Taeyeon was surprised and delighted at the same time.

On February 27, SNSD‘s Taeyeon took some time to connect with her fans via an Instagram live broadcast, where she was joined by an unexpected viewer.

The broadcast, which is usually joined by countless fans all over the world, was in for a surprise when Jeon Somi of YG‘s The Black Label appeared in the chatroom.

Jeon Somi expressed her love for Taeyeon with two fingers pointing at each other followed by five heart emoticons.

When Taeyeon noticed this, she was surprised as well, and she greeted Somi by saying, “Huh? It’s Somi. Hi, Somi” with a joyful laugh.

What’s special about Taeyeon and Somi is that their birthdays are both on March 9, and they are 12 years apart in age, which means they are the same animal sign.

Watch the friendly interaction between Taeyeon and Somi in the footage below:

Source: Insight