SNSD’s Hyoyeon Reveals How Angry She Was For Not Being Able To Be The Center For Their Debut

She thought she was the best.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon revealed her frustrations at never being able to be the center for the group during their promotions on JTBC4 Secret Unnie.


Hyoyeon was partnered up with Mamamoo‘s Wheein and they talked about their stories during their pre-debut and debut periods.

“This is when we debuted. We practiced ‘Into The New World’ for 10 hours a day, every day, for a year. Look how hard I was dancing, the energy! I had so much energy. I had so much confidence then.” — Hyoyeon


Even though Hyoyeon was extremely confident in her skills, SM Entertainment saw it a different way.

“The company is always looking at the bigger picture, so from their perspective, they thought Yoona would be the center. She’s tall and the visual of the group. Each person in the group has something they are responsible for.”  — Hyoyeon


Hyoyeon revealed she was angry that she was always pushed off to the side instead of getting her time at the center.

“When I debuted, I thought I was the best so I was angry that I didn’t get the center. The center position will change but the hardest times for me was when I was just pushed off to the side.”  — Hyoyeon


Due to her experience, she changed her way of thinking, and worked even harder so people would still notice her, even though she wouldn’t be in the center.

“I started thinking, if I do work hard, even though I am on the side, people will still see me for who I am right?”  — Hyoyeon


Watch the whole clip below:


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