A Popular Social Media Star Shocks With Her “Before” And “After” Photoshop Photos

Netizens are shocked.

A popular social media star has become a hot topic on Weibo recently. Due to an uploaded photo of her pre-photoshopped photos, netizens are in debate over her status as a social media star.

Going by the name Xiao Shi, her content averages 30,000 views per post and she drew attention for her exotic looks, including a high, sloped nose bridge and wide almond eyes.

However, netizens on Weibo have uncovered her “pre-photoshop” photos.

The “before” photo. | 娱乐圈小青年/Weibo

Known for her elf-like looks, Weibo netizens have been thrown into shock.

The “after” photo. | 娱乐圈小青年/Weibo

One of her most popular photos, of her under an umbrella, was also brought up.

| 娱乐圈小青年/Weibo

Netizens have pointed out huge differences in her eyes, lips, body frame and face shape.

| 娱乐圈小青年/Weibo

While she is not the first Chinese social media star to be exposed for excessive photoshop, netizens became unsympathetic to her plight when it was revealed that her real photos were only revealed as she had faced some arguments with friends over having borrowed money and not returned it. She had also allegedly cursed out another friend due to a spat involving a boy.

Source: Weibo