Solji Revealed Her Interesting Taste In Men During A Romance Variety Show

“I like a Jekyll and Hyde kind of man”

Love Me Actually is a romance variety show that airs on MBC. EXID’s Solji talked about love and her dating preferences in the latest episode.

I dream of dating a man that’s cold, but only sweet to me. I don’t want someone who treats everyone equally well. He can be kind to me but bad to other women.

– Solji

This response promoted host Sung Si Kyung to jokingly ask Solji if she would be interested in a man who fretted over if she had eaten while telling other women to “get lost”. Solji affirmed her position in her response:

I like a Jekyll and Hyde kind of man.

– Solji

Solji appeared on the show ahead of the release of EXID’s new mini album Me & You on May 15th.