The Soloist Who Lost 6 Pounds The Day After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend

It was an extremely difficult time for him.

On an episode of the Get Real podcast, the hosts were joined by a special guest: Sony Music Entertainment Korea‘s singer-songwriter DEMIAN, who has collaborated with DAWN for his smooth track “LOVE%”. Recently, DEMIAN was part of the actor lineup for Soundtrack#2.

Tying perfectly into the song, one of the topics up for discussion was breakups, with DEMIAN sharing the toughest way he broke the news to a former lover and how tough it had been on him as well.

DEMIAN | @DemianStaff/Twitter

Since they were chatting about breakups, rapper and host pH-1 asked DEMIAN how he “usually break[s] up with somebody.” The singer surprised Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi and pH-1 by admitting, “This is, like, [a] really hard question because it’s kind of different from every time.

Making them laugh, pH-1 joked that DEMIAN was “experimenting” through trying out “different methods” and BTOB‘s Peniel jokingly pretended to rank the methods. DEMIAN denied it but ended up revealing which method always proves to be the toughest for everyone involved — including himself.

Peniel: This is like a twenty out of one hundred. This method was like a ninety.

pH-1: A personal note? Not a good way. Email? Ugh, not so good.

Peniel: Ghosting? Ugh… [shakes head]

Peniel and pH-1 agreed when DEMIAN stated it was extremely difficult to “meet someone and break up, like in face-to-face.” The one time DEMIAN broke up with someone that way, he recalled the “hair-loss stress” that resulted from it.

On top of the intense mental stress he received from the in-person breakup, DEMIAN admitted he lost almost six pounds in a single day. He also noted out that his ex-lover is rarely at fault for the breakup but that circumstances led to it.

After only that day, I lost like 3kg cause I was so stressed. …It’s not like the person is bad or something, because of the situation usually.


Although breaking up face-to-face was rough for DEMIAN and most likely for his ex, at least they were both able to get closure and move on with their lives.

| @demian_isme/Instagram

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