Someone Renamed EXO’s Suho As SM Entertainment’s Founder On Wikipedia And Fans Loved It

Suho for President!!

Fans had a field day on SM Entertainment‘s Wikipedia page, changing names of the officials with their favorite artists.

It all started when a fan shared few photos on her social media confessing she has changed the Wikipedia information of SM Entertainment. She replaced the founder Lee Soo-Man with EXO Suho‘s real name, Kim Junmyeon. She also added EXO’s Chanyeol as the General Manager and NCT‘s Chenle as the CEO of the company.

As the news spread, more fans decided to join the fun and add their own list to the mix. For example:

Super Junior‘s Siwon as GM, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon as CEO and EXO’s Sehun as CEO.

EXO’s Lay and GM and Baekhyun and Sehun as CEOs.

The fun continued throughout the day, but the impressive fact is that Suho remained as the founder of SM Entertainment the whole time. It seems like many fans don’t mind the idea of Suho taking over the company in the future.

Wikipedia has since restored the information and the page is now protected until March to prevent further vandalism.


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