Taeyeon was getting wet from the rain but a fan saved her day

The weather has been crazy in Korea these days, and a fan wanted to make sure that “Taeyeon” didn’t catch a cold.

Recently, the words “thunder sounds” and “thunder and lightning” trended both in Korea and worldwide on Twitter.

While walking around, someone noticed that a Taeyeon cut-out was getting wet in the rain and decided to attach an umbrella to her.

The cut-out was placed outside to promote the cosmetics store, Banila Co., as Taeyeon is one of their most recent endorsers.

Many couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thing.

“Crazy they put an umbrella over her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”


Others praised whoever gave Taeyeon the umbrella and encouraged others to do more and protect the cut-out even more.

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