Someone Insulted f(x)’s Weight On Television And This Was How Amber Responded

It’s great we have people like Amber who are willing to speak up!

The K-Pop industry is filled with some stunning visuals!

Unfortunately, this has meant that idols often have to deal with harsh criticisms of their appearance online or even in-person.

f(x) previously appeared on the 134th episode of Hello Counselor where a woman in her 30’s, Kim Taehui, appeared because her brother had been constantly insulting her weight even though she only weighed 48kg.

The f(x) members were shocked at this, considering the woman was underweight and yet she was still being called a “pig” by her brother.

When the brother appeared, he expressed his brutally honest remarks on television which astonished the other guests. He appeared unapologetic about his treatment of his sister and even stated that he commented on the weight of everyone around him, including his friends and his mother.

When he was confronted with the fact that according to the BMI, his sister was considered underweight, he simply answered that he follows his own standards and according to those, his sister is chubby.

The host then asked him a question.

You must think the f(x) members are fat too.

What do you think? By your standards?


The brother’s reply was incredibly blunt.

They are pretty, but there are areas where they could lose weight

He then began commenting on Sulli‘s weight, identifying the areas where he felt she needed to lose weight.

With Sulli, her arms and calves

Sadly, Sulli answered apologetically, replying that she was planning to lose weight.

Hearing this, Amber waved her hand in Sulli’s direction, telling her that there was nothing she needed to be sorry about.

She then confronted the brother directly and voiced her disappointment that he would put down other people with his comments.

You can have your own opinion, but you shouldn’t hurt other people. That goes for your sister as well.

To this, the entire audience applauded Amber and the brother looked embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Krystal had a pretty blunt answer to the brother.

Gain some weight!

The brother revealed that he was previously insecure with how skinny he was but later decided to embrace his body. However, as a result he began judging other people by his own beauty standards.

The hosts pointed out that while it is good that he appreciates his body, he needs to stop taking it out on his sister.

While he disagreed with this, the brother agreed to stop calling his sister a pig if she received more than 100 votes.

All the f(x) members agreed that it was a concern and voted for the sister. She eventually received more than 100 votes, which meant that the brother had to keep his promise about not calling his sister a pig on television.

Since that episode, K-Pop idols continue to have their weight and appearance judged by other people. As they are still human after all, comments like these can certainly be taxing.

But having Amber stand up for her fellow members is a refreshing outlook on this.

As Amber outlines, while you can be honest and stay true to your principles, it should never be to directly attack or insult people. It is always important for people to be considerate of each other.

While idols still face criticism on their weight and appearance, it is refreshing to have people like Amber who will speak out when others are unfairly affected by these comments.