Someone Mistook NCT 127 For BTS And This Fan Had The Best Response

This fan was not allowing any nonsense.

After debuting their comeback song “Superhuman” on Good Morning America, NCT 127 were spotted walking around New York City. But, a stranger called them BTS and that’s when a fan stepped in.

Mark could be heard saying, “We’re not BTS.” And this special fan declared, “They’re NCT. Get it together.” NCT 127 cheered at the fan’s words and that stranger received their answer.

The most heartbreaking part though was Mark’s barely heard response, “Sorry, we’re not BTS.” Fans were so taken aback that they praised Mark while feeling sad he’d felt the need to say that in the first place.

Fans were understanding of NCT 127’s situation and felt apologetic to both groups for not being recognized for their talents.

Mark is a thoughtful guy for responding the way he did, and all of NCT 127 responded in a polite manner after being mistaken for another group. Most importantly, that fan had a lot of courage to stand up and announce what everyone needed to know.


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