What Would You Do If Someone Pranked Your Office Space By Putting BTS V All Over Your Stuff

An office worker proved that she’s the ultimate fan of BTS’s V by converting her co-worker into an A.R.M.Y thanks to her brilliant prank!

At first glance, you’d never have guessed that something was off with this regular office cubicle…

But the office worker hid 95 photos of V among her co-worker’s everyday office supplies!

She hid them inside notepads, hid them behind a laptop stand…

A small face of V on a laptop charger!

Under the chair… it was everywhere!

The dedicated fan made sure to hide V in every single place possible, making sure that her co-worker was constantly reminded of him!

Even when her co-worker was taking a daily pill, she wanted V to be a part of the experience.

V was literally in every place imaginable in that tiny cubicle!

Netizens are loving this adorable prank and this fan’s dedication!

And BTS’s V is without a doubt impressed by this fan’s brilliant “artwork” as well!