Someone Ripped up All the Post-It Letters on “Produce X 101” Koo Jungmo’s Subway Display and Shared a Photo of It Online

They captioned the photo, “This is justice.”

A netizen recently took out their “anger” on Produce X 101‘s Koo Jungmo and stirred up unexpected controversy online.

It appears that the netizen ripped up all the post-it letters on Koo Jungmo’s subway display and uploaded a photo of it themselves for everyone to see.

Along with a photo of the ripped up post-it letters, the netizen wrote the caption, “This is justice.

One fan commented, “Someone saw a person ripping all the memos posted on Koo Jungmo’s subway display and then sticking it back on.

What some of the other netizens are speculating is that this had to do with the trainee having an association with a baseball team that the netizen didn’t like.


Ahead of the incident, Koo Jungmo was spotted reading the heartfelt letters and even taking photos of them, so fans are finding it very unfortunate that this happened.

Koo Jungmo is currently a very popular trainee on Produce X 101 proved by the fact that he took 5th place in the most recent ranking.

Source: Dispatch