Someone Shared Irene’s Past Photos Again and They Became A Hot Topic In Korea Immediately

Red Velvet’s Irene was always loved by fans for her beauty… and even fellow member Joy agrees! 

In a recent television appearance, Joy revealed how she was in awe of Irene’s beauty the first time she met her. 

“I knew that I was pretty since I was a kid, but after I became a trainee, I realized I have not seen Irene.” 

— Red Velvet’s Joy

In fact, she was simply in shock simply because of Irene’s beauty. 

The confession ultimately led to past photos of the singer to resurface which further coincided with Joy’s statement.


Irene attracted attention with her flawless natural skin, long straight hair and distinctive eyebrows. 

No wonder Joy felt starstrucked herself! 

Source: Segye