Something interesting happens to GFRIEND’s lightsticks that doesn’t happen to any other fandoms

Beware of the cold!

There’s something interesting about GFRIEND‘s lightsticks that no other lightsticks do… They completely freeze over when they’re exposed to freezing temperatures!

The original lightstick has a snowglobe that lights up.

The glitter swirls around in circles thanks to the liquid inside the snow globe.

To prepare for GFRIEND’s upcoming 1st solo concert, BUDDYs have been ordering the lightsticks in bulk.

But they found that the globe froze over as it was delivered in the blistering cold weather!

Now fans are getting together to discuss ways of melting the snow globe without damaging it.

Some suggested putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds while others recommended using body heat or putting it under a warm blanket.

Whatever methods they use, these fans just want to make sure that their lightsticks are ready to go for GFRIEND’s concert!

Source: Dispatch