This Is Something That Red Velvet’s Irene and IZ*ONE’s Sakura Have In Common

They have this in common.

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura and her idol Red Velvet‘s Irene have something in common and fans find it absolutely adorable. Both idols can’t wink!

Though they try their best, they just can’t seem to get it down. When Irene tries to wink, she ends up closing both eyes.

While when Sakura tries to wink, her other eye ends up twitching. Fans are saying that it’s as if the other is trembling for dear life.

Fans are saying that both Sakura and Irene are extremely gorgeous, they don’t need to wink to get people’s attention. Both WIZ*ONEs and Reveluvs are saying that it’s adorable how they try to wink despite struggling and love how they still try to provide this subtle fan service.

Source: The Qoo