Something Went Horribly Wrong When This Woman Tried to Achieve Sulli’s Look

“My hair reminded me of a broom.”

The after photo of what happened to a woman at a hair salon is receiving overwhelming sympathy from netizens.

On February 6, an after photo of a trip to the salon was uploaded to the Chinese portal site, Weibo. The person who uploaded the post was a Chinese woman who was a big fan of Sulli.

Sulli is known to flaunt a doll-like appearance with pink cheeks and distinct facial features. On top of that, her thin figure pulls off just about any style, which this woman is a huge fan of.

In recent months, thanks to trendsetters such as Sulli and other celebrities, the “hippy perm” became popular.

The hippy perm is a style that can really help a woman stand out in a crowd. The key point of the style is to make smaller curls so that the hair looks more voluminous and textured.

The woman who wrote the post also wanted to try out this hairstyle, so she went to a hair salon with Sulli’s photo. But 2 hours later, she found herself trying to hide her devastated face.

What she saw in the mirror wasn’t what she expected at all. Her hair was even breaking off because it was so damaged. In the post, the woman said, “My hair reminded me of a broom. Once my hair recovers, I’m going to straight perm it.

Has bringing a photo of a celebrity to the salon ever worked out for anyone?

Source: Insight