Somi Being Annoying AF To Her Sister Is Triggering Her Younger Sibling Fans

The sisterhood is so, SO real.

On a recent episode of Not the Same Person You Used to Know V2, Somi and her younger sister Evelyn were caught on camera battling it out over a dance game. And Somi being the classic “annoying older sister” to Evelyn is now leaving her younger sibling fans shook!


It all began when Somi won high stars for her groovy moves on the game. Evelyn exclaims, “How could you!” when the screen showed Somi as being the “MEGASTAR” for totally owning the game.


For Evelyn, it was no longer fun and games. She was set on beating her older sister, Somi, and winning those stars back! Somi and Evelyn continued to dance on, battling each other for the higher score when…


… Somi pulled an older sister attack and started being annoying to Evelyn. Somi got in Evelyn’s way and blocked her view, making her miss a few steps. Evelyn fought back, but being only a “smol lil sister”, she couldn’t stop Somi.


Somi continued to tease Evelyn by making funny noises and creeping up to her while she was trying to win points.


Soon Evelyn blew up and stormed off, after tossing her game controller on the table and screaming “I quit!” And all the younger siblings who were watching the tension build up could not have related any harder!


Somi soon realized what she had done and tried to make amends with Evelyn. But Somi’s fans, who are also younger siblings in their households, know that she crossed too many lines to make up for her mega-annoyingness with a simple sorry! Will these two be able to come together again?


Somi’s fans are now UWU-ing over this real AF sisterhood that Somi and Evelyn have. We all know though, no matter how annoying the attitudes and how silly the fights, that at the end of the day, Somi and Evelyn are BFFs and love each other to death!

Watch the full clip below:


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