How Somi Brushed Off Malicious Comments Like The True Savage She Is

“So I guess you’re just a really old person?”

The Black Label is currently promoting Somi‘s first reality show I Am Somi on their YouTube channel.

Besides filming her graduation and meeting up with the special people in her life, Somi also read and responded to hate comments on air.

Her strong mentality was highlighted by the nonchalant way she responded to the comments. After posting her graduation photos, someone claimed, “She totally has celebrity disease” which pertains to a star acting prideful or arrogant. All Somi did was snicker a sarcastic, “haha”.

One particularly rude comment stated, “I want to flip her skirt.” The singer responded by showing his username on-air for everyone to see.

Got you. Watch out.

– Somi

Afterwards, another person wrote a derogatory statement about her weight: “Somi’s got a big belly.” This led the singer to make a tirade about misconceptions.

I’m sorry, but where is the big belly? I’m sorry, but I guess you’re not a girl. When girls wear school uniforms, they have to tuck in their white shirt and wear underpants and stockings. And then they wear a skirt on top of that. So if their shirt comes out slightly, it looks like their belly.

– Somi

Ending with an amused, “I guess you got confused. It happens,” she moved on to the last comment. Someone hatefully said that Somi was “ugly” because “she’s a half-breed” as her mother is Korean while her father is Dutch-Canadian.

Instead of being hurt, Somi responded by pointing out the person’s age.

Who says ‘half-breed’ nowadays? ‘Half-breed’ is like…I guess this person’s my mom’s age.

– Somi

With a heavy-heart, she explained how her mother experienced malicious comments as well.

When my mom was young and gave birth to me, I heard she heard a lot of things like that as well.

– Somi

Going back to the comment, Somi ended by essentially saying “OK boomer” to the person.

After responding to many hateful words online, Somi read a protective message from her fan. Saying, “Wow….Thank you.” and “I want to see my fans”, the singer remembered the truly important people in her life.

After this, fans can confidently say that Somi is one of the most savage idols right now!

Source: YouTube