Somi Cries While Opening Up About Her Past Trauma Of Constant Criticism

Being a trainee is hard but constantly receiving negative feedback would make it even harder.

In the season finale of I Am Somi, Somi opened up the past trauma she experienced because of criticism she faced during her trainee days.

During studio time with Teddy, they took a break from recording in the booth to taking a look at the choreography she’d been working on.

As soon as he began watching the video, he noticed some moves were unnecessary and how the second half wasn’t as good as it could be, “The moment when you move without purpose… The whole second half was bad for me.”

Somi immediately looked uncomfortable. She admitted to struggling with the choreography at the parts mentioned. Wanting to get to the root of the problem, Teddy asked why.

Although she hesitated to respond and became a bit teary-eyed, Somi began to delve into the real problem: her past trauma. “But, there’s this, Teddy. When I was a trainee, I sucked at dancing.”

She shared memories of when her dance trainer would criticize her to the point where she hid away in the corner, becoming choked up at how painful those days were.

But, whenever that happens, the trainer used to say I should go there and practice separately. And, sometimes they would say, ‘Are you kidding with us?’ Then, I would just say okay and stick to the corner [of the] practice room alone.

Those feelings she’d felt because of the dance trainer’s criticism boiled over into everything else. She confessed, “There was a time when I hated getting criticized or getting my name called.”

That was the reason why Somi was having such a hard time working on her choreography. Although she knew she needed to voice her concerns to her backup dancers, she didn’t want them to feel like she once did.

Well, I know I have to suggest to others that the dancers have to do things and move in a certain way. I have to tell the dancers about my opinion, but if I say something, then they might…

It revealed how caring of a person she was. Somi was simply trying to give the kindness she would’ve wanted to receive during her trainee days. While criticism is needed to improve, it doesn’t necessarily have to be harsh to point where it causes trauma.

Listen to Somi open up about those painful times and how it’s come to the surface with her comeback preparations.