Somi Finally Found The Cream Udon She’s Been Searching Everywhere For

She couldn’t be happier.

The story of how Somi finally found the cream udon she was looking for has been spreading through online communities.

A netizen who identified herself as a part-time worker at a convenience store shared the story of Somi’s visit.

I’m currently working part-time for a day as a substitute and Somi just came by. I was so surprised that I couldn’t say hello but she desperately searched for the mochi mochi cream udon and was really sad when we didn’t have it. Please let her know if you know a place they have the mochi mochi cream udon.

ㅡ Netizen


Approximately a month after the post spread online, Somi apparently finally found the udon she was looking for! A photo revealed Somi with 3 mochi mochi cream udons in her arms looking happier than ever.


The mochi mochi cream udon Somi so desperately searched for is an instant food product sold at the Korean convenience store, CU.


With a slightly spicy cream sauce and chew udon noodles, it has apparently been rising in popularity, especially since Somi’s story!

Source: Dispatch