Somi Shares An Adorable Kiss With Yoojung On Her First Ever Instagram Post

I.O.I‘s Somi has officially joined Instagram and her first ever photo is an adorable kiss with Choi Yoojung!

In the photo Somi and Yoojung can be seen hugging each other, while Yoojung gives Somi a kiss..

Yoojung is extremely affectionate, and the photo is absolutely adorable. Yoojung and Somi definitely had a very close relationship, and the photo proves that the two girls are still as close as ever beyond the disbandment

Somi and Yoojung are extremely close.

Unfortunately, the photo has since been deleted from her account. There didn’t appear to be hateful comments left on the photo, so it might be that Somi just simply wanted to keep the photo for herself!

In less than 48 hours, her Instagram page had reached over 117,000 followers. Somi is not the only I.O.I member to open an Instagram account. Members Sohye, Chaeyeon, and Yeongjung have also been updating fans about their daily lives since I.O.I.’s disbandment.

Check out her account as well as the other members’ accounts below:

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