Somi Reveals Her Daily Life Through “Follow Somi” And It’s Surprisingly Normal

She’s as down to earth as a world-famous idol could be.

The first epsiode of Follow Somi, a reality show to support Somi‘s solo debut, dropped on June 17, and in it she shows that despite being a world famous idol, she couldn’t be more normal.

She goes to school like the rest of us and hangs out with her friends.

She spends time at home with her family and pets.

She even commented that it’s taking her a while to get used to idol life again since her regular life is so regular.


It’s so amazing seeing people who like me whatever I do. Also, now I became a solo artist, and my blank period was so long… I was always worried about whether people gonna still love me or not.


Somi’s just getting started and we can’t wait to see more of her and more episodes of Follow Somi.