Somi Reveals How She Makes Diet Food To Maintain Her Slim Figure

Hint: there’s a lot of vegetables.

On top of her stunning visuals, Somi has a healthy, slim figure to match. While some may think it comes naturally, she’s been working hard at her diet to achieve such toned abs.

In the newest episode of I Am Somi, she looked back at past footage of herself to see just how far she’d come. Back when she used to eat whatever she wanted, Somi noticed how much of a difference it made in her face, “Wow!”

Afterward, her sharp jawline displayed just how successful her diet had been. Since filming took place at her house, she showed everyone how she’s been eating to achieve such results.

While everyone else ordered food, Somi stuck to her diet. She decided to make something right at home. Stepping into the kitchen, she began to cut up vegetables: paprika, tomatoes, and carrots. Also cutting up some cabbage, she poured some cold noodle broth into a bowl.

Into that same bowl, she opened up a package of string konjak jelly. After adding some chopped fried tofu, Somi finished cooking the dish by topping it with her beloved mala oil.

Even though it was made for her diet, it looked pretty tasty. In fact, it looked like a homemade version of something you’d order at a restaurant. That wasn’t the only part of her meal, though.

To make sure she would be full and get all the nutrients she needs, there was a salad with protein and even more vegetables, “This is the cold noodles I made today. To be honest, the main dish is the restaurant-bought salad.”

Although it’s common for idols to follow unhealthy diets for “quick fixes,” Somi isn’t one of them. She’s been monitoring what’s she been eating and choosing healthy options over a long period, “I feel like I was on a diet for a really long time.”

Seeing the progress she’s made proves that it was all worth it. All that matters is that Somi is happy and healthy.

Check out how she makes her diet meals here. If you want to see more of her daily life, stay tuned for more of I Am Somi.