Somi Reveals Her Iconic 11-Line Abs On “SIXTEEN” Are Actually A Burden To Her

“This started attracting attention back then in ‘SIXTEEN.'”

Fans of K-Pop know all too well how amazing Somi‘s figure is, and it was her impressive abs on an episode of SIXTEEN that truly made everyone realize it!

During an episode of Mnet‘s SIXTEEN, Somi wore a cute outfit that included a crop top that exposed her stomach. It was then that fans witnessed just how toned Somi’s abs are!

Since then, Somi has continued to stun everyone with her 11-line abs and it seems that it’s something she was merely born with; however, according to Somi, she has been working incredibly hard to keep herself toned.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram

In a new “IDDP” episode for 1theK Originals, Somi read a comment regarding the famous moment of the episode and recalled how it gained a lot of eyes.

Figure 11 abs. This started attracting attention back then in ‘SIXTEEN.’

— Somi

Somi explained that, while she does have defined abs, the stage lights also played a huge part in helping them stand out.

I performed on a very dark stage but the pin light was right on me so my abs looked very prominet. It wasn’t that prominet.

— Somi

Moreover, Somi explained that the iconic moment actually created some pressure for her. Since everyone believed she had perfect abs, Somi expressed that from then on, she worked hard to keep her abs toned.

But since then, I feel the pressure. Sigh…I must make it look like an 11. I’ve been working out hard to maintain it. That darn pin light.

— Somi

Check out the clip below: