Somi Said The Cutest Thing About Her Friendship With BLACKPINK’s Lisa

They are the cutest duo.

BLACKPINK and soloist Somi have had several adorable moments together that we love to see! One cute moment of this friendship came from Somi’s I AM SOMI episode! Somi recently reacted and commented on the two’s friendship during her “IDDP” episode for 1theK Originals.

During an episode of I AM SOMI, Somi and Lisa showed off their lovely friendship and blessed us with sweet content.

Following the release of the episode, fans of the two, of course, flooded the comments to express their love for the cute duo. Before she mentioned Lisa, Somi thanked those who watched and enjoyed her show: “Thank you for liking ‘I AM SOMI.’

After she thanked her fans, Somi read one comment that read “This is the duo that I never thought I needed! I really love Lisa and Somi’s duo.” 

In response to the sweet comment, Somi stated, “Thank you! I think we do look cute together.

Check out the video below: