Somi and Sohye Reveal Who They Always Voted For On Produce 101

Somi and Sohye bashfully revealed the one person each of them voted for on every episode of Produce 101.

On February 28, Somi and Sohye made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show. The girls talked about a variety of topics on the show, ranging from their time as I.O.I to their upcoming activities.

When asked about their experience on Produce 101, the girls stated that they actually sometimes forgot it was a survival show because of how much they enjoyed themselves — that is, until voting time came around. When it was time to vote, the girls confessed, they voted for themselves every day during the show’s running so that they would not lose their rank.

“You could be kicked off the show by being shy of just one vote so even my voting was important.”


It seems like their efforts to vote for themselves were not in vain as both girls ended up in the top ranks of Produce 101. Sohye ended up in 5th place and Somi becoming the center by ending up at 1st place. The two, as a result, went on to become members of the hugely popular girl group I.O.I until the group’s disbandment in January of this year.

Source: Naver