Somi’s Song “What You Waiting For” Had Eric Nam Questioning His Life

Eric Nam had “a moment”.

During an episode of DIVE StudiosKPDB show, Eric Nam had “a moment” when he was looking at the lyrics of Jeon Somi‘s new song, “What You Waiting For”.

While reading the lyrics, he was shocked when he read, “I’m drunk and wasted“.

He was shocked since he thought that Somi was still a minor, where he stated, “Are you (Somi) allowed to drink?“.

Diane, the host of the show, then told Eric Nam that Somi was born in 2001 and that Somi just recently became an adult.

Eric Nam showed a hilarious reaction, as he didn’t want to believe that people born in 2001 are adults.

Somi’s song ended up becoming “the most dramatic song of 2020” for Eric Nam since it made him realize how old he is.

Here’s the full video below!

Eric Nam