Fans gave Somi ridiculously expensive gifts for her graduation

I.O.I’s Jeon Somi recently graduated and to congratulate her, fans bought her some ridiculously expensive gifts.

On February 3rd, Somi graduated from middle school and celebrated the event with close family and friends. Fans, however, celebrated in their own way and organized presents for their favorite idol.

Somi’s fans organized and purchased a number of luxurious items. The graduation package includes a Pandora Bracelet, Apple Watch, Tiffany Bracelet, earrings from Chrome Heart, a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost and Nike Air Jordan 11 among others.

A full list of Somi’s graduation gifts can be seen below!

Many agencies, including JYP Entertainment, have announced a ban on certain gift items for their artists in light of the law made by Kim Young Ran in accepting bribes exceeding one million Won. The agency imposed new rules for support items and only accept birthday and anniversary banners, letters, message books, donation documents, meals, and snacks. Any support items not approved will not be accepted by the agency. Even knowing this, Somi’s fans continued to purchase this extravagant selection of gifts for their favorite idol.

Source: DCInside