Somi’s Father Says There Is Nothing To Hate About Song Joong Ki

Matthew Douma rose to fame in Korea thanks to his cameo on Descendants of the Sun and he had nothing but praise for the drama’s lead actor Song Joong Ki.

Jeon Somi‘s father Matthew Douma recently guested on Video Star‘s celebrity father special and talked about how perfect Song Joong Ki’s manners were while the two filmed their scene on Descendants of the Sun.

MC Park So Hyun asked Matthew Douma about his cameo on 2016’s most popular drama and Song Joong Ki, and he only had one complaint about the top actor.

“There’s just one thing I dislike about Song Joong Ki. He’s way too well-rounded, too nice. He has no faults at all.”

— Matthew Douma

He then shared a story from the filming of the fight scene between the United Nations soldiers and the South Korean Special Forces.

“After filming the scenes for a few hours, we were all covered in bruises. But during the breaks, I didn’t have my own spot to take a rest at. Song Joong Ki gave me his own seat and the water that he was about to drink. He also had his own shower stall set up but he let me use it first. He is very considerate. He’s also pretty good at English, he could understand some higher level phrases.”

— Matthew Douma

Matthew Douma ended this segment by wishing that there was just one aspect of Song Joong Ki that he could hate so he could comfort himself, but that wasn’t possible since he is such a perfect person.

Source: Mydaily

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