Manager Of Idol-Turned-Actress Broke Into Her House And Stole Everything

He knew when she wouldn’t be home.

Idol-turned-actress, Son Dambi, once revealed on Knowing Bros that her former manager broke into her house and stole every single thing she owned.


Back when she was busy promoting her hit song, ‘Crazy’, she had to get something installed in her house. Since none of her family members were available, she trusted her manager to let the technician into her house.


She didn’t think for a second that the manager would cause any trouble as they worked together every single day.

“It was back when I was promoting ‘Crazy’. I was so busy but I had to get something installed [in my house]. My mom said she was too busy so I gave my door lock passcode to my manager. I gave it to him without a thought because we spend every day together.”

— Son Dambi


But one day, while Son Dambi was away on her scheduled activities, her manager called a moving service and stole every single thing she owned! Even her underwear!

“When I was busy with my schedule, he called a moving service and took every single thing in my house. He didn’t leave me anything. It was just an empty house.

What was even more unbelievable to me was that he took my under garments.”

— Son Dambi


She later found out that the manager also broke into their company office and stole anything that he could sell. It turned out that the manager was under a lot of debt from his gambling habits.

“He actually robbed our company office too. He took everything there too and sold it. He was that desperate for money.

He was in debt from gambling.”

— Son Dambi


Fortunately, the thief was caught. But he had already sold all of Dambi’s belongings, causing her to buy everything again.

“Thankfully we caught him, but I wasn’t able to get anything back. He said he sold it, so I had to buy everything again.”

— Son Dambi


After listening to her story, Kim Heechul revealed that a similar story happened to Super Junior.


While most of the members were out of the house, the manager collected any sellable items from their apartments and tried to run off with it. Little did the manager know, Yesung skipped out on their activities because of his illness. Yesung caught the manager in the act just in time!

“About 10 years ago, we were living in apartments right below each other.

We all went to our schedule but Yesung stayed behind because he was sick. He was sick in bed when he heard some rustling outside.

He went outside and caught our manager stealing all of the gifts from fans and things we bought.”

— Heechul


Although it is a terribly sad story, Son Dambi and Kim Heechul are able to laugh about it now as an unusual occurrence!

“Do you think our manager got caught and went to work with you?”

— Kim Heechul