Son Heung Min Reveals His Home And It’s Luxurious AF

His bathroom is bigger than his room.

Soccer player Son Heung Min is viewed as an international superstar and one of the faces of the whole country of Korea.

On his show called Sonsational: The Making of Son Heung Min, he shared some more personal details about his life and showed his new luxurious home.

The whole house is quite spacious because of how he only moved into it recently. Son Heung Min also likes having a lot of space in his house and prefers being more minimalistic.

His own room was no different and he prefers it to be quite simple and to not be hoarded with many items.

The bathroom of his house is also extremely spacious and has multiple parts to it. The bathroom contained 2 sinks, a bathtub, and a shower.

There are lots of beneficial aspects to where he lives. There is also a swimming pool, a sauna, a fitness room, movie theatre, and many more facilities that he has access to.

Watch the full video below!