Here Are Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin’s First Impressions Of Each Other

This is how it all began ❤️

Crash Landing On You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were recently revealed to be dating, surprising and delighting fans from all over the world.

Son Ye Jin (Left) & Hyun Bin (Right) | tvN

In case you were wondering how it all began, they once talked about their first impressions of each other in an interview with SBS for their 2018 film The Negotiation.

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One of the questions they were asked was if it was their first time working together, and Son Ye Jin confirmed it.

When asked what their initial impressions of each other were, Son Ye Jin was the first to answer.

Her first thought was that he has smooth skin and soft hair. Upon hearing her answer, Hyun Bin burst out laughing.

His skin and hair are so enviable, in fact, that she says they are “desired by a lot of actresses”!

Hyun Bin thanked her for her compliments, while she insisted once again that his hair is indeed beautiful.

On the other hand, when asked about his first impression of Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin revealed that he already knew of her because of her past works in the industry.

He initially thought of Son Ye Jin as a “sensitive” person who completely immerses herself in her work.

After meeting her, however, he realized that she is a “comfortable” and “grateful” person.

Thanks to their positive impressions of each other, they became close friends and—eventually—a couple!

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Watch the adorable interview for yourself in the video below.

Source: Hong Yen Ngo