Son Yeon Jae Tries Learning How To Twerk, It was a big challenge

Rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae visited a dance studio in Denmark during SBS’s My Room, where Korean celebrities swap rooms with celebrities from around the world.

Now, Son Yeon Jae might just be one of the most flexible people in Korea.

After all, she is the 2014 Asian Games All-around Champion for individual rhythmic gymnastics.

She’s also proved time and time again that she’s also a good dancer.

So when the dance instructor tried to teach her how to twerk, the result was surprising.

Son Yeon Jae couldn’t twerk one bit!

In fact, she found it to be the most challenging obstacle even as she questioned her body.

“This is supposed to be easy? I can’t even sit like that.

Oh my god, maybe I don’t have any nerves there!”

— Son Yeon Jae

She tried and tried but only managed to make everyone laugh with her adorable faces.

“Is it moving?!”

— Son Yeon Jae

But Son Yeon Jae made up for her lack of twerking by showing Copenhagen how to dance like a K-Pop idol!

Watch the whole clip below.