Sonamoo members perform extremely awkward paper kissing game on “A Song For You”

SONAMOO plays the ever so famous paper-kissing game on “A Song For You.”

One of the most popular games within the Kpop world, one that most fans love to watch, is definitely the paper-kissing game. In this game, the members have to pass a piece of paper from one end to the other using only their mouths! This time, girl group SONAMOO challenged this game on an episode of “A Song for You” hosted by Amber, Kangin, and Gongchan.

This show is unique in that they take requests for games from fans all over the world, and have the guests play them. In this case, a fan requested for the idols to play the famous paper-kissing game. The guests for this episode was SONAMOO and boy group JJCC. No matter how close the members are, you can imagine how awkward it must be to essentially be “kissing” each other. SONAMOO members in particular looked a bit nervous and awkward while playing the game. Regardless, surely the fans were entertained by this game.

Check out a clip of the game below!
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You can watch the full episode here!

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