SONEs Are Pissed Off at Yuri’s Manager For Belittling Her 

They’re rightfully mad.

Fans were angry after finding out one of the few reasons why Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has not had her own fan meeting yet. 


Currently, the Girls’ Generation members are focused on their individual promotions, which led Yuri’s fans to ask if she’s holding any events with them anytime soon. 

“You are asking about a fan meeting. My members, Yoona and Sooyoung, had them. I think Seohyun had them. And Taeyeon had concerts. I think there are many fans who are waiting for my fan meeting.” — Yuri


It was all addressed during her recent live broadcast session with her fans.

“They said you can’t just do a fan meeting at anytime. Less fans could come. And so, My manager said it might be disappointing. So, I couldn’t say I would do one right away.” — Yuri


The reactions online were heated. Many felt that the manager doubted her popularity and stopped Yuri from carrying out her own activities. 

But she did try to prevent further misunderstandings by saying, “But I know that there are many fans that are waiting for me, my manager might not know but I believe he will realize it slowly.”


Here’s to hoping Yuri’s fans can get that soon! 


Watch the full clip below:

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