Here’s The Song All Foreign SM Entertainment Trainees Loved, According To WayV’s Ten

It brought them comfort away from home.

As one of the many foreign idols of SM Entertainment, WayV‘s Ten experienced being a foreign trainee and shared a song they all couldn’t help but love.


For Ten and Yangyang‘s unit appearance on Tell Me Somesing, each of them chose songs to sing for carpool karaoke. When it was Ten’s turn, there was one song of his life he couldn’t wait to sing.

Impressing both Super Junior‘s Shindong and Quaddurup, Ten selected Park Won‘s popular song “All Of My Life”.

The song wasn’t special only to Ten. He said, “All the foreign trainees like this song. Yeah, I liked it too.

With lyrics about overcoming a hard time in life, no wonder trainees going through tough times would take comfort in the song—especially if they’re far away from their families and friends.

Watch Ten share the song that brought foreign trainees, like himself, some comfort away from home.